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Saturday, March 02, 2019

2019 UFO Challenge--March

I am on a mission to cross 32 projects off my UFO list.
I have a list of 20 Finishes Before 2020 where I am listing my finished and
Judy L's 2019 UFO Challenge where my 12 projects are listed and updated.
(both lists are in the tab section above)

For March, Judy L chose #4 which is my Oklahoma  Backroads.
This is a free pattern from Quiltville.
I used this as my 2017 leader/ender project.

There is a story behind my wanting this quilt. As a young child, my dad told me about coming from Oklahoma in the back of a covered wagon. One day, maybe I was 10 or so, I asked my Gramma to tell me about that trip. She had a look on her face that I will never forget. When she asked me what I meant, I told her the story I had heard numerous times. All of the sudden she glared at dad and said
"Charles! How dare you lie to these children!" She was serious. I chuckled out loud because dad got in trouble from his mom. Oh she was mad! 

I'm sorry Gramma but that this had become a funny story that has been shared over the years. 
I'm sure you still don't think it's as funny as I do.

So I had wanted to make this quilt and finally started.
I had asked daughter Crystal if she ever saw covered wagon fabric to buy me a couple yards.
She just happened to have this in her stash and gifted it to me.

Then dad got sick.
I couldn't work on the quilt.
Then dad passed away last year,
I couldn't look at the quilt.

I decided to work my way through it and put it on my list.
I lovingly put it in the UFO bin.
When I took it out, it brought a few tears to my eyes.
But I think I'll be OK working on it.
If not, I'll work on it when I can.

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Mary said...

Losing a loved one brings many emotions. I understand that well. Love stories. Do elaborate on the rest of it. Stitch those feelings. It's part of your story now.