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Monday, March 25, 2019

Design Wall Monday

What a week!
Sickies everywhere.
I spent several days with the kids while they coughed and hacked
and napped and worked through the headaches.

I took my Antique Star pieces to work on.
Baste, baste, baste.
I put a few components together.
It felt good to make some good progress.
But mostly I spent time with the kids.

The only time I went into my sewing room was Tuesday morning at 5:30.
I need to cut quarter square triangles for my leader/ender project.
I'm doing Chunky Churndash and almost all the Chunky parts are finished.
So I set my self up at the kitchen table and cut fabric.

Needles to say, I made a big mistake.
I cut half square triangles instead of quarter square triangle parts.
No biggie, I have lots of fabric and heck,
they might become part of the outer border.
Or they are seeds for another project. 

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Mary said...

I forgot to check your Design Wall Monday. Sorry you have sickies still. Can't sleep, UFO'S and deadlines on my brain. Hsts can be sewn like Quarter square parts. Just bigger units, right?

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Hi there, I'm missing some sewing hours this week because of a little sick grandson. But so grateful to be able to be with him nonetheless. He is still under the weather which is a bit of a concern. I'll be looking for the Chunky Churndash, one of my favourite blocks. Anyway, happy stitching from me!