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Thursday, March 14, 2019

I Like Thursday #41

Another week gone.
Another week filled with wonderful things.

Granddog Sadie wearing Corbin's favorite hat.
It lasted long enough to get a picture.
She is not a ball cap girl!

Sometimes we send pictures to Aunt DeeDee just to say good morning.

I want the snow to be done for the winter.
Nothing accumulated. 
It is pretty to watch.

Bruce Lee, back left,
Joe Cockerdoodledoo on the right.
We think maybe Bruce Lee is not a rooster.
Guess we'll know for sure if he lays an egg. LOL

The chicks are finally in their new home.
The beach babes are being good to them so far.
The beach babes are the hens we are taking care of while our friends are in Arizona for the winter.

My camellia bush is going to explode in color soon. 
When we were kids, we used the leaves on mom's bush as play money.
She did not appreciate that at all.

Little Jessie Dog thinks he is the king of outside. 

More snow!-Gotta say, I'm wasn't liking it.
I do like the way the clouds hang over the meadow and
you can see the big hill between the layers.

New fabric.
Oh I like new fabric.
This is the finishing fabric for my current leader/ender project.

Have a wonderful day everyone.
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Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi Judy! Oh, that new fabric!! It looks so very pretty. I love leader/ender projects! So very productive and almost free as far as time spent working on it. Snow - yes, I think we are ALL over snow for the season now. And Little Jessie Dog looks very much like he IS the king of outside. Definitely. ~smile~ Roseanne

Mary in Peoria Handmade said...

What a cool mix of Spring and Winter! Love the chickens (rooster) names. Very clever. Enjoy! mary

Suzanne said...

New fabric is always a nice thing. I am ready for the snow to be gone. I have to keep reminding myself that the snow is going to provide more water for our garden this Summer.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

You have to love dogs who don't mind the kids playing with them! I love the shots of your chickens and yard - beautiful and fun. We're ready to be done with snow here, too, but March is Colorado's snowiest month unfortunately! Have fun finishing up your latest project with those pretty fabrics!

Scrapatches said...

The new fabrics are sew nice. Looking forward to seeing your project. My leaders and enders are all in small pieces. I gather lots of the small bits and pieces that need to become a quilt. Your little pooch is the kind oh the world ... just don't tell Joe Cockerdoodle. Bruce Lee may indeed need to be Lee Bruce when she lays that first egg. Then again, I am no expert on chickens although we did have them in our urban yard when I was a kid. I am done with the snow, too. It is melting slowly. Hopefully it does not pile up again. March can be a very temperamental month here. I have a postage stamp size yard so I am enjoying your much more pastoral vistas ... thanks for sharing ... :) Pat

PaintedThread said...

Oh, I love your new fabric. The snow is pretty, although I'm ready for ours to be done with, too. I will love it if Bruce Lee starts laying eggs. :-)

Mary said...

Lol, putting a hat on the dog. Nice enough of you to chicken watch. Don't all roosters have the Combs on top of their heads?

LA Paylor said...

joe Cockerdoodledoo laughing! Bruce might be Brucilla. Love a good morning picture, and a dog in a hat, sweet face. Snow... I broke up with it but it's stalking me

Jean said...

I can see how those leaves would make perfect play money. Pretty sky in your snowy picture. Hope you get to see some blue skies with fluffy white spring clouds soon!

Michele McLaughlin said...

Joy is always new fabric! I'm sorry about your snow, we are all tired of winter at this point, we need some greenery! The dog is adorable!!! Have a great week!