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Thursday, March 07, 2019

I Like Thursday #40

Thursday, the day to celebrate things we like.

Random likes from my week.

Miss Polly.
She needs to be the center of attention.

Mornings with the Grands.
Coloring with Corbin.
My page says Reach For Greatness.
The Hello Kitty plate held a bagel.
It was made to apologize for the bagel he stole from me last week.
That boy is as funny as his Gramma.
The coffee cup says Mama Said Sew.
I bought it for Crystal since she is my only sewing daughter.

2 quilt finishes in a week make me very happy.

Working on a new quilt makes me very happy too.

Join Not Afraid of Color and her friends for I Like Thursday.


Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi Judy! Oh, Miss Polly is so darn adorable. She looks like she is very curious and a good companion. Time with the grands - it is just the BEST. It looks like you have so much fun with them. And yippee to two quilt finishes. Happy Thursday to you! ~smile~ Roseanne

Suzanne said...

Two beautiful quilt finishes...you've been busy!

Shannon said...

It's always super exciting to have quilt finishes so hooray for that! And the bagel thing is so cute! I have a couple of fun coloring books I get out when the kids are visiting and I want to color with them, it makes a peaceful pasttime!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

I love how cats act when the quilts come out! Glad you had some finishes this week - that's always a good feeling!

PaintedThread said...

Your quilts are beautiful! Great colors. And string quilts are always fun. Pretty Ms Polly. Good stuff.

Scrapatches said...

Miss Polly is very pretty. Two finishes in one week and on to a new quilt already. You are sew productive. Your coffee break looks well earned. Cute mug. Thank you for sharing I Like Thursday with me ... :) Pat

LA Paylor said...

kittens! love kittens
and Mama said sew... yes and don't forget it.

Michele McLaughlin said...

Your quilts are lovely!! Well done on 2 finishes! Wow! Great likes this week, your kitty is adorable!