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Saturday, December 16, 2017

2018 UFO Challenge

Circle of Jewels
Leftover from last year's UFO list.

Castle Wall
Hand pieced--need a few more blocks.

This is a carry over from April during the 2017 UFO Challenge.
It's a good plan so I am going to follow it when this number is called.
August UFO

On The Road Quilt
I have not stitched one single stitch in this on the road! LOL
I have been working on this.
As of today December 16, 2017,
 I need to make 6 more blue rosettes and 7 more yellow/orange rosettes.
I have been very busy stitching rosettes to the mother ship.

Mischief Quilt
Started March 2017.
I put this away in October 2017 but I'm determined to finish it in 2018.
This was the April UFO.
I made good progress on this and consider the month a success.
I will continue throughout the year and hopefully finish before the end of the year.

The Hexi Blog BOM 
A carry over from 2017 UFO Challenge. 
Ready for quilting.
This will be fun!

Garlic Knots
Still trying to decide, borders or no borders.

Jamestown Landing
Quilting will happen in 2018.

Tumblers Leader/Ender
Carry over from 2017 UFO Challenge and a current WIP.

Borders or no borders?
Still undecided.

Grandmother's Choice Sampler
The oldest UFO on this list.
What's funny about this is I saved all the scraps in it's own bin.
I pulled scraps from it recently for make a wall hanging.
It's time to quilt this beauty and clean out the scrap bin.
A neglected top from the 2017 UFO Challenge.

Deli Geese
This is May's UFO.

My goals for 2018 are to make a major dent in my UFO collection.
I have not counted them. 
Maybe I'll make a list for myself.
(It's been a few years since I've done that.)
Maybe I won't. 


Chris said...

I have a list in an old notebook that I pull out once in a while to up date. It has every quilt I ever started, completed and gifted. Sad to say there are still 44 ufos in that book and there are at least 6 new ones I want to start. Sigh. I really like your Castle Wall. That is not an easy one. I pulled fabrics for the Grandmother's Choice and made exactly 1 block. Does that count as a ufo?

AnnieO said...

I see many happy stitching hours in your future! I haven’t made my list, but sadly there will be carryovers from 2017! There has been progress, tho.

The Joyful Quilter said...

SEW many wonderful projects!! Best of luck on the finishing.

Quilter Kathy said...

Those are amazing quilts... each and every one is gorgeous!
Whatever you chose to finish will be awesome!

SandyPA said...

You have more patience than I with all that hand-sewing! I love your Bonnie Hunter quilts. I am like you in the UFO challenge - lots of UFOs but new projects keep calling to me.

Sandy at sewhigh.blogspot.com