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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Quiltville Mystery Tuesday Link Up

I'm just getting started on part 5 of On Ringo Lake.
All clues for this mystery are available for a limited time at Quiltville.
This clue was released Friday but I was deep in to Christmas happenings
and playing with some quilting.
I knew I'd have the rest of this week to get my parts sewn.

I pulled out the appropriate size neutral strips 
(most received from our strip swaps)
to use with my Go Cutter.
Then I cut into my blacks for the geese
and got to crankin' and cuttin'.

All the pieces are ready to sew. 
Machine was given a once over with the dust brush and the oil bottle.
A few bobbins were wound and a new needle inserted.
I've got Alias Grace on Netflix ready to push play.

Check out all the progress at today's 
and see the fun my friend Mary is having at her sew in. 
Hey Mary. 🙋 

1 comment:

Mary said...

HEY, Judy!! It is fun to sew with my new Quilty Friends. I had to do it. That way I know at least on Fridays I'm working on mystery parts. Getting them hooked on Bonnie! I've talked about her at Guild for years. NOW she knows we are over here stitching away. And she got her Truffles! Glad you could cut your block parts out so quickly with the GO.