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Saturday, June 23, 2018

May UFO Is Finally Finished!

I'm still behind on my 2018 UFO Challenge.
June's quilt is up next.

I'm so excited to have this finished the May UFO.
It took longer to quilt than I thought it would but
you really need to sit at the machine to get things done.

I'm a firm believer in finished is better than perfect and
this is far from perfect! 
I used flannel for the back and
quilted it with lots of curves and swirls.
It was pretty fun.

About mid way I wondered why I didn't just meander!
Really I wanted to practice free motion curves and there were a lot of them!
It's now in the washer and will live at the beach as a sit outside and cuddle quilt.

I've pulled out the June project.
I made the backing and the binding.
I'm ready to baste it and get started on it.


Ramona said...

Yay! for you great finish. It will be a great quilt for the beach.

Mary said...

Pretty colors. Glad you got it finished. 94 degrees is a bit warm for a quilt at the Beach. It might be cooler there. I'm happy for AC. Yep, UFO'S that don't get worked on aren't going to be finished.

Katie said...

Beautiful quilt! And yay for any finish, even if it's late. Knocking them off the list one at a time is the only way it can be done. And for me, somehow getting one done breeds motivation for the next one, so I hope that's true for you, too!