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Monday, April 02, 2018

Design Wall Monday

January's 2018 UFO Challenge quilt,
Stars and Strings is basted.

I'm quilting!
Walking foot Ultra Wavy Line Quilting!
It's really fun to do. 
Not all lines are perfectly spaced,
there are some wiggle wobbles in there
but I think perfection is highly overrated.

After a few hours of listening to Chasing Fire by Nora Roberts on YouTube,
I am about 3/4ths finished with the quilting.
I took a couple of breaks and by the time Ernie had dinner ready,
I was ready to be done for the day.

I'm so excited to have my mojo back.

Check out the cute cute doll quilt and all the links today at

2:30 Monday afternoon....hubs didn't feel good so it was a quiet day at our house. He parked in his chair with his book and the remote and a quilt.  I went into the sewing room and TaaDaaa, finished quilting this quilt and the binding and label are on. I will stitch the binding in the evenings. I'm calling this a finish!


Julie said...

Awesome Judy! I love that style of quilting. Adds some randomness and texture! Great job!

Judy Hansen said...

Yeah!! A finish. I am going to check out the machine quilting tutorial that you recommended, as machine quilting is new to me. I need to learn much more. Thanks for linking with Design Wall Mondays, Judy.

Mary said...

Good to get it done. Sorry Erie felt puny. Was it something he cooked ?? Happy you got your MOJO back!!

Mary said...

Ernie** sorry