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Friday, September 27, 2013

On The Needles

Some weeks are sewing weeks, some are knitting weeks.  This week was sewing, I worked on this and this and not much knitting. I didn't pick up my Dreambird project once.

When I did knit, I worked on the Rivel Cardigan. I am now at the short rows for the shoulder and need it to be quiet so I can concentrate or I will be doing what I did one evening this week.

Unknitting is not fun!  I somehow messed up the cable section and didn't notice it until I was back at it to do the next right side row.

I am not confident enough to just pull the needles out on this one so it was unknit one stitch at a time. And total confusion on my part at the cables.  I sniveled and whined until I was ready to knit again.  Maybe I should have just wined...........but we are moving forward again. Stay tuned for more progress.

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straythreads said...

that is so gorgeous

Ramona said...

Your cable is beautiful. I haven't ventured into making those yet. It is frustrating when mistakes are made and "unknitting" one at a time is not fun! I know that from experience, too. :)

Teresa in Music City said...

Oh boy do I ever understand! I've unknit more than I've knit on some projects :*) The next project I will be using a lifeline to be sure I can tear back instead of unknitting!

Your cardigan is really looking good - you're going to love it when you are done!

Judy S. said...

Sorry you had to unknit, Judy, but I sure can relate!

Nancy said...

I love the yarn you are using!

Tinking is not fun at all.

Paula, the quilter said...

I can totally relate to the concentration portion. I just cast on for a sweater and I told DH that if I disappear at times, it is because I need to concentrate on the increases and eyelets. Some even happen together in the same row! This is a top down sweater. Hang in there, we'll both make it yet.