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Friday, September 27, 2013

Yarn Report

I decided to use this picture again just because I like it. I have it as my PC background picture and I am having to fight with myself not to go grab that pretty pink skein of the left and start another pair of socks. 

I used a little bit of yarn this week. Yeah.  I finished up the Christmas gift so that's a half skein gone out of the stash. And I added another skein onto the Rivel Cardigan this afternoon.  

We have a "major rainstorm" this weekend so I think there will be lots of knitting and TV time! I have a bunch of new shows recorded on my DVR so I'm not lacking anything to watch. 

  • Used this week--1.5 skein
  • Used since mid August--4.5 skein
  • Added this week--0 skein
  • Added since mid August--1 skein
  • Total Net since mid August--3.5 skein
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Anonymous said...

Oh so many pretties in that photo. I have a container of yarn I pulled out of the closet when I was looking for something -- my Opal stash - and was just thinking -- "wouldn't socks look neat knit in THAT one or THAT one...no no no finish other stuff first!!" LOL

Diane said...

Do you have a particular yarn brand that you like for making socks? I have not made any socks yet, but I have bought needles and a book, a pattern, another book and several yarns from Hobby Lobby and Joann's. I am all set on the "stuff" area, it is just the whole doing it part. Why am I so nervous? I have no idea. This weekend is finish it up weekend. I finished a curly scarf for the daughter. An afghan will be finished before bedtime(I hope).
Then I am concentrating on making a sock.

fancystitching said...

Looking back at your last several posts, you have been one BUSY gal! Love the way the cardigan and Dream Bird are turning out.

Judy S. said...

You've got a nice supply going there, Judy. Is this all sock yarn?