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Monday, September 16, 2013

Design Wall Monday

Nabby's Dowry blocks are patiently waiting for the layout that will be posted on Friday.
I have no clue what that will look like so I layed it out simple.
Then I looked at Kathy's this morning and really like how her's are layed out.
Guess we will just wait and see.

I spent lots of time sewing logs and 
only have the final 108 logs left to sew.
Then the fun really begins, the layout.
Do I want a light center or a dark center?
I like it both ways.

I spent some time cutting white hexies.
I cut in batches.
This time I cut 12 strips-that's enough for 12 flowers.
I have 10 more to sew the white and green to-for a total of 20
and then I will start the last 19 flowers and the half flowers for the sides.
I haven't gotten bored with the white yet,
I think it's because I am so excited about how each one looks.

Have I said how much I love this project???

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Podunk Pretties said...

Wow! Your GFG is amazing. I started one about 3 or 4 years ago and well I made about 8 flowers and tossed in the towel.

Bonnie said...

It's fun to see the different ideas on the layouts. And the fabrics are so different.

Mary said...

I had to try out Janet O's guess layout. We are going to have a long week HUH? Just waiting to see the real layout. It's been a fun SAL.

Nancy said...

Wonderful progress on all of your projects - can't wait to see what the setting will be like.

Diane said...

love all your projects-as usual! You always have such a variety!

Luann said...

Love Hexies no matter how you make them. You're doing a lot of beautiful work. Such a wonderful encouragement.