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Friday, September 20, 2013

On The Needles

I am a Dreambird slacker!
Yesterday is the only time all week I have touched it.
I didn't touch it for long. 
Just a few rows and I had to put it away.

Because you cannot knit with this gorgeous little face around.
This is Estella, my youngest granddaughter.
She has a bit of a cold.
She has a yogurt covered face.
Gramma should have washed it before taking pictures.
I told her yogurt was good for her skin,
she laughed at me.

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Nancy said...

Spending time with Estella is much more important than knitting. She is a cutie - enjoy every moment of your time together.

Judy S. said...

Pretty, the DB and your little Estella! What yarn are you using for your DB?