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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Not My Day In the Kitchen

I have had very few canning disasters in all my years but yesterday I had 2 big ones. Big ones for me. Not like my pressure canner blew up or anything like that! Thank Goodness.

The canner was full of 16 pints of beans, I vented it for 10 minutes, put the little wobbly thing on and waited for the pressure to start building. I waited and waited...nothing.  The darn thing wouldn't seal.  So I called Crystal to borrow hers and since Mike was just leaving, he dropped it by.  Back in business. By the time he got here, my canner was cool enough to take the lid off and I started to transfer jars and start over.

Pressure built like it was supposed to, everything went great.  Until I started to take the jars out of the bottom layer.  As soon as I took off rack, a jar started floating and then another. Dang.  The bottom popped out of jar one and when I went to dump out jar 2, the bottom popped out of it too. Never had I had such a bad canning day. I'm sure it was because of transferring those jars and the water wasn't hot enough when I put the jars in.

The new gasket has been ordered along with a new pressure gauge and a second rack for Crystal. I love Amazon Prime's 2 day delivery. Isn't it amazing what you can buy without leaving your house!!! (Like yarn!)

Thank goodness dinner was planned leftovers and was quick and easy. Today is a better day. I do have to go get groceries..so is it really better?!? I think I'll stop by my favorite produce market and see if they have any green beans since I didn't get many from the garden.


Mary said...

I hate when my jars break. All that work and wasted product. I'm thinking the water temp is what did it too. Were the jars hot when you packed the beans in them? Hope that your day gets better. Nice that Your DD lives close and had a canner to use.

Judy S. said...

That would definitely ruin one's day! Hope today is a better one.

Nancy said...

Yep, I've had this happen, too - weak jars.