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Monday, January 21, 2013

Design Wall Monday

Today's design wall is a box full of Hawaiian Sunset 1845. I put the box away the end of November and put the project on the Getting It Done Challenge for January. And by gosh, I am going to get it done!!!  The 4 patch borders are partially assembled.  Once I get started on it, it will go fast. With only 10 days left in the month I need to get to Getting It Done!!!

Also on today's agenda for resting time is this cute little Midge block.  I am almost tempted to machine stitch these but instead I am gong to hand stitch them.  I'll put on a movie and just get it done.  I'm fighting with yet another head cold so there has been lots of recliner knitting time that can be switched over to stitching time.

Check out Judy L's gorgeous design wall and other fabulous design walls here.  I love Monday in Blogland.  A cup of hot lemon tea with honey and I'm ready to wander.


Rhonda said...

Hi Judy. You can do it, yes you can!!!

scraphappy said...

I hope you get it done! It is going to be amazing. Great looking midget too, so nice to sit and hand stitch for a bit.

Anonymous said...

love the bright sparks of the sunset block. The midget is so well done!! I have had a winter of colds, now to avoid the flu. Enjoy your movie!!

AnnieO said...

Nice bright colors to play with--good for you in determining you will Get it Done!