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Monday, January 14, 2013

Design Wall Monday

Saturday and Sunday of this past Quiltathon, 
I worked on catching up with my Grandmother's Choice Sampler.
I was too far behind and a bit of panic set in.
I'm a happy quilter once again.

This is block 20.
When it's done today, I'll be caught up.
I ran out of bobbin thread and then someone wanted dinner.
I never went back in to the sewing room.
Instead, at 6 pm, I put on my pajamas and with my knitting and my blankie, 
I parked myself in the recliner.

I'm going to finish block 20 then I have to attack this.
Ernie's favorite work sweatshirt with a broken zipper.
But needing to stockpile good wife points,
(when did I start to do this??? LOL)
I pulled out the bag full of zippers and I'll find one that will work.
He will be a happy husband.

Check out all the fabulous design walls here at Patchwork Times.
I love Monday in Blogland.


Rhonda said...

Judy, I love your Sampler blocks. I'm LOL about the stockpiling points. You are too funny!

Nancy said...

The colors of your Sampler blocks are very calming - I love them.

Nothing worse than a cranky husband, so rack up those points!

scraphappy said...

Your blocks are looking great. I like the way your background fabric matches the sashing. It all goes together so well.

AnnieO said...

Pretty pretty blocks! Your stock in good wife points must rise to very high after futzing around with a broken zipper on a sweatshirt! I refuse to repair zippers, especially on jeans!

Mary said...

Good for you to be up to date on your Block of the week blocks. I had to repair a zipper last week too and was dreading it. Had to look up on U-tube to make sure I remembered how to put in an invisible zipper. Earning "good wife" points is always a good thing too.

Judy Laquidara said...

Sometimes parking the recliner solves lots of problems! Love your sampler. The background is nice! Please don't ever mention mending anything on here. I would hate for my husband to find out that some wives do that! :)

Quilter Kathy said...

You are so funny!
I say buy a new sweatshirt! LOL
Love the blocks...you are amazing for keeping up! I have to make a real effort this week!

Diane said...

you are a very good wife-I would say go get a new sweatshirt honey
love, love the sampler blocks