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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tiny Tuesday

No Midget Blocks have been completed since Day 2 of the Quiltathon.
But lots of prep work took place today.

Block 21-Snowball Flower is the first applique block I've prepped.
Oiye, there are some humpy bumpies that need to be smoothed out.
Tonight I'll give hand applique another try.  

This morning I filled all my clear pocket pages with pattern pages.
I think I am up to block 80.
The remaining pages are in a file folder in the back of the book.
I have several pages kitted up with pattern and fabric.
I found I needed to draw a few more missing designs in EQ7.
I think I am good now. 

So now that I'm caught up on a few other commitments,
I can pull a block out to work on whenever I want.


Diane said...

your snowball flower block-whew! You are a braver woman than I :)

Nancy said...

While I am not making the tiny blocks, I am going to borrow your idea of kitting blocks for some BOM that I plan to do.