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Friday, January 04, 2013

Meet Miss Elsie Green

Miss Elsie Green, my new/old Elna arrived today.  She rode the USPS truck south from Seattle to Portland then to rural Clark County.    I bought her through eBay from Seattle Goodwill.  I was so excited.  The pictures on the listing were a bit deceiving, I thought she would be more of a lime green but really she is more of an olive green.  No big deal, just a little disappointing.  I know that's the risk you take.

I thought she was boxed up very well.  There was a thick layer of bubble wrap on top.

I opened the metal case up and the machine even had bubble wrap on it.   The take up lever is bent.  I bought this machine as is and I know what that means.  I think Ernie can bend it so it isn't hitting the needle bar.  The bobbin is behind the needle.  I can't tell how that moves until Ernie get's his work done. I'll wait until he gets home to do anything else to it.  I think he is as excited as I am.

I think this is the only machine I will buy off eBay.  I'm not a fan of the unknown.  I almost didn't bid on it but it is so unique and I had that oh I want it so bad attitude that I shared with Ernie and he "made" me keep bidding! That's my story.........  If we never get her to work, she will be come a piece of art but first she needs her face washed, she a bit grungy.


Michelle said...

So you know that the case doubles as an extension/work table, right?

Teresa in Music City said...

She's very unusual! Like you, I would have loved the lime green :*) Hope you can get her to working!

Quilter Kathy said...

Uh oh...you are getting addicted like Bonnie is!! LOL
This is a very cool machine...never seen anything like it!

Mary said...

Green is the color of 2013~! Hope Ernie can fix her up so you can use her. Nice save even if she turns out to be a doorstop.

Annie said...

I could almost swear this is the exact lovely green Elna that I grew up sewing on! Loved that machine. So fun to see it again!