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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Show Us Your Socks

I love these wool socks. 
They are perfect for my cold feet.
It's hard to take a good picture without a dog.
I gave up.

Show us your socks!
Link up at Patchwork Times.


Maggie said...

Love the socks, they look so cozy. I think the dog makes the photo.

diana569 said...

I love that your puppy is in the photo! (cute puppy that he/she is)
your socks are cool, but the puppy makes me smile!

Marei said...

You apparently aren't the only one who loves those wool socks :) Nothing sweeter than a dog face, except for dog kisses.

Rabid Quilter from California said...

Why would you ever eliminate your dog! Such a cutie! The socks look heavenly!

Cascade Quilts said...

Judy, I think you have a twin to my dog! Gotta love a Lab!!!!

Annie said...

I sure wish it were MY feet inside those cool warm-looking socks!