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Monday, January 28, 2019

20 Finishes Before 2020

My phrase for 2019 is Eliminate the Noise. There is a lot of noise in my sewing room. That's the new name for UFOs. Noise. They are loud! Calling my name to finish them. So I decided to create my own challenge to finish 20 of these UFOs before 2020. This is in addition to Judy L's monthly challenge. So if I stay on track, I'll have 32 projects out of my sewing room.

Finish #1 is Jillian's Heart Quilt.

I decided to add the 2019 UFO Challenge finishes here too.
I like looking at exactly what I've accomplished.
I'll just not count them as they are their own challenge


Excited to be half way to my goal before the year is half over!!

To Be Continued.......


Julie said...

Awesome! I love all the quilts. I have never done Judy L's challenge because I never know what I am going to work! It's whatever makes the most noise. I like that term!

Debra Campbell said...

Congratulations! I finished 2 quilts this month and I feel so accomplished.

Melissa said...

What a great idea for busting those UFOs! I look forward to seeing the number grow :) Great finishes so far!

Mary said...

That's a great plan! I just finished my Quiltville Mystery before it hit the UFO pile. You're cruising through your list!!

Ramona said...

"Noise" is such an appropriate word for UFO's! I really like all of your finishes, but the first one is my fave, especially since my younger daughter is named Jillian. Onto the next finish!

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