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Saturday, February 16, 2019

Finish #6 and Changes To The 2019 UFO Challenge List

While cataloging all of my UFOs and explaining to hubby what was happening
and how depressed it was making me with so many tops to finish, 
he suggested I send a big quilt top out to my friend Jane to get quilted.

So which one do I choose? 
I chose this log cabin top to be finish #6 for my goal of 20 Finishes before 2020.

This log cabin is on my 2019 UFO Challenge list as project #12.
I happen to have a set of log cabin blocks that are ready to be made into a top
so I will replace the old #12 with those for the new #12. 
(Is that even legal? 😀) 
I picked out a feathery design and Jane made my quilt fabulous!

What's a good way to get an extra UFO marked off your list?
Use it for the back of a quilt.
These were a stack of 20 16" Turning Twenty blocks.
I just started sewing them together.
No planned lay out, just grab and sew.
Then measure and add some more fabric from the stash.

With all the quilting and binding I've been doing, 
I've irritated my shoulder.
So it's short binding sessions, and then lay it aside for a while.
Miss Polly is making sure I don't overdo. 

 So while "resting", I made 2 more quilt backs.
I'm ready to having another basting party.
The first quilt to be basted will be the UFO for this month. 


Kathy S. said...

LOL. Of course it's "legal". There are no quilt police here--we are cheerleaders. Your log cabin quilt is gorgeous. Happy quilting. :)

Ramona said...

Your log cabin is beautiful! Getting a quilt back from the quilter is like Christmas morning....so exciting to see what it looks like. I’m sorry your shoulder is aggravated, but glad your able to do some sewing with it. Onto the next finish!

The Joyful Quilter said...

What a sweet hubby!! That's certainly one way to knock a UFO (or TWO) off your list. :o))

Mary said...

Great way to get a finish! Erie knows just what you needed. It's beautiful!