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Monday, February 11, 2019

Design Wall Monday

It's been a busy week in the sewing room.
After finishing last month's UFO, 
I decided this beauty was next.
The binding is sewn down and 
it will soon be headed to a special girl in Texas.
Shhh, she doesn't know it's coming.
Finish #4 for my goal of 20 Finishes Before 2020.

Next up is Sanctuary from Kim Brackett's Scrap Basket Beauties book.
It was started in May 2013 at a retreat.
It's done with flannel from strip swaps with friends.
At the next retreat, I won 5 yards of red flannel that was used for the border, back and binding.
There is a small piece left that will be cut up into more strips for the flannel box.
WaaHoo for Finish #5!

Trying to get a picture of this was a joke.
Daisy dog plopped herself right down and
Tony had to come and show how to sit pretty.
Little Dog took over the middle of the dog bed.

Saturday morning, trying to be quiet and clean up my messy binding box,
I started sewing the leftover binding hunks together.
After sewing 7 or 8, I realized there was no top thread.
Duh!!! So I put some thread on, threaded the machine and started again
only to realize the bobbin was empty!
While stitching down binding on the Dresden Plates quilt, 
I discovered where I had run out of bobbin thread.
7 Inches from the end and I didn't even notice!!
Joke's on me I guess.

So now I have my binding box nice and neat again.
I like having the black bindings all together.
The red on the right is all the same fabric. 
My heart sings at all those leftover pieces. 
I can't wait to use them.
The others are for specific projects and each are labeled.

This is why so much quilting is happening.
I'm perfectly content to stay inside and 
make pretties happen while we wait for round 2 of this "5 part weather event".

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Ramona said...

You are on a roll!! Your Dresden quilt is so pretty. That flannel quilt could come in handy for your right now, as I'm sure it's super warm. I love the idea of your binding box. Happy Winter Stitching!

Nann said...

Two weeks ago I was in Seattle with mid-40's temps and sunny skies, dreading going back to zero-degree Chicago. Such a change for the Pacific Northwest! You are well on your way to finish 20 by 2020. And, yes -- it's great to look at fabric pieces and see the potential.

Mary said...

Snow days equal SEW Days! Yahoo! and lots of TV watching...while stitching bindings. Surprise for your special girl in TX. Does she not look at your BLOG??

Mary said...

Oh ya, I need to sew my scrappy bindings together now too! It's another Snow Day my side of the mountain.

Julie said...

Yahoo on the finish! We are definitely on a roll. I cut up all my leftover binding into 1 inch strips for my boss for her locker hooked rugs. I have a stack of fabric that goes with tops, but I haven't made the bindings yet! We are on a snow/sew day!

Andree G. Faubert said...

Hi Judy, your dresden quilt is lovely!

LA Paylor said...

awe, I'm just catching up on blogs. Loved seeing the pups on their designer dog bed! Are you no longer interested in doing I Like posts???