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Monday, January 21, 2019

Design Wall Monday

 Last week I said I was taking time off my Good Fortune Quilt to work on some quilting. 

This baby quilt has been delivered.
The Flintstones tie dye fabric was from childhood curtains that belonged
 to my great niece's dad as a child.
He had them hanging in every home he lived in.
After his death, my niece held on to the curtains to make keepsakes for their daughters.
Both girls with have a quilt made using the fabrics.
It was an emotional journey for me so I can only imagine what my nieces felt when they saw it.
I loved making this quilt.

Since I was in the quilting mood, 
I decided to tackle this UFO from 2010 that was on top of Mt ToBeQuilted.
The backing was with the top so when I cut batting for the baby quilt,
I cut for this quilt and Garden Party.

 Quilting was simple and pretty quick.
When it got time to choose binding, 
I decided to trim up the excess backing and use it.
I love a scrappy binding.

I also pin basted Garden Party but had to unpin and repin.
I had a huge fold in the back
How did that happen! 

I had trimmed up the excess backing and batting to make less bulky
and was quite surprised at how big the fold really was. 
All better now and ready to quilt.
Since I was basting,
I grabbed 3 more off the mountain.
Now there are 2 on the ready to quilt pile with 
2 more ready to pin baste.

So Thank You Julie for the idea to get a few quilts basted for when the mood strikes.
That  should use up most of my pins. 

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Ramona said...

Your Flintstones quilt is adorable! How wonderful to capture the memories for your niece and her children. You are ready to roll on more finishes! Exciting. :)

Nann said...

The story of the Flintstones fabric is wonderful (hope you include that on the label). It's a lovely quilt. And I'm chuckling at "MtToBeQuilted" -- I've got a mountain like that, too.

Julie said...

Wow the Flintsones fabric story was wonderful. I loved that show and how special to use that fabric in quilts. Very sentimental. Isn't it fun to have quilts ready to quilt on a whim? I am so glad I could inspire you!

Mary said...

My mountain keeps growing. Hoping this year it goes down like yours a Julie's, you two are UFO quilting queens!! Heading down to load my Quiltville Mystery so it never hits the pile! Quilt Show registration keeps me quilting.

Kathy's A Quilter said...

well done you on tackling Mt ToBeQuilted (lol). Those Flintstone curtain bits will fill all the crevices of a breaking heart.♥