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Monday, January 07, 2019

Wishing You Good Fortune

 I wish I could say I am finished with my Good Fortune Quiltville mystery.
 I  cannot.
I have made great progress and have had a blast with this mystery.

I still have some red and orange blocks to complete.
I think there are 15 more that need the last seam. 

Of course it isn't any fun if you don't get to use your seam ripper.
I didn't see these until I was pressing to make my first block and
saw one of these things is not like the others.
Turns out that one thing was the only right one. 

Before long all the seams were out and 
blocks were sewn correctly.

Then the fun begins.
Which quarters to sew together,
which halves to sew together.

Can I do it without having 2 of the same fabrics in the block.
The answer is no.
It happens, it doesn't bother me.
It happened in the very 1st block.
Of course it did,
why would it be any different now. 
To me this is small stuff and I don't sweat that.

I have 4 left halves of the half square triangle border together.
I sewed one strip set between each section,
starting to use a pair as a leader/ender but got to excited to "see what it will look like".

I'm anxious to head over to Quiltville Mystery Monday Link Up
and see the fabulous progress and reveals. 

Don't forget to check out 

Have a wonderful week.


Mary said...

Looks good, you are making progress. I had to leave mine un-done at home.
Grandma time rules for now.

Quilter Kathy said...

Great progress! There's a lot of sewing in this mystery!

Nann said...

I had to do some ripping, too -- assembling the orange/red blocks. Fortunately I discovered the error when I'd mis-sewn only (only?!) half of them.

gayle said...

I've been keeping my seam ripper handy, too!
You're way ahead of me, though! I've only gotten a few of each block done so far, but I'm hoping to give a big push later this week.

Julie said...

What fun, except the ripping part! I do really like this mystery, but nope, too many UFO's! Great progress.

Kathy said...

It looks really good! I had to use my seam ripper in the same way a few times. I knew it was time to go to bed when I did it four times in a row.

Su-sieee! Mac said...

I like your choice of vivid colors. Quilting is a wonderful way to learn patience and find zen. :-)