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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

2020 Finish #9

Hooray! Virginia Bound is a finished quilt!!!
She already has a home in our travel trailer. 

I also busted some hunks of fabric for the back.
Scrappy front needs a scrappy back.
Quilting is simple meander.
Scrappy black binding came from my binding box.
I need to use more black binding since there was only 4 inches left over.


Carla Bataran said...

I am fairly new to your Blog. I just went to the 20 Finishes before 2020. Congratulations with the finishes. I love the comment about the ‘noise’. I constantly have to discipline myself (not always successful) to NOT start another quilt until the current one is completed. And you are so right... they DO create a lot of noise. I really enjoyed all of the quilts, so colorful and bright. I am still craving such quilts as here in Maine our daffodils are finally showing their faces. Quite late this year. And still too cold out for much planting except peas and broccoli, etc. Happy quilting and thanks for posting as I know it takes time. Carla

Ramona said...

This is a fun scrappy quilt. Congrats! on your wonderful finish!