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Saturday, December 22, 2018

Our Christmas Club Block Exchange

Each year at the Christmas Club party, 
we choose a block to exchange each of the member.
The year before we chose to do a 6" calendar block.
One member opted out so I volunteered to make 2 sets of blocks.
Mine are the umbrella for April and the Maple leaf for September. 

I chose to make my little sashings from 1" strips so my sashing sets total 1 1/2" wide.
Skinny little sashings can be a challenge to work with.
I finished my wall hanging earlier in the year and
chose not to reveal until our party.

I still have my 2nd set of blocks.
I plan to put them together for a wall hanging in the motor home.

I'm thrilled with how it turned out.
This year we exchanged 9" Churn Dash blocks.
I cannot wait to work on this project.

This year our block is a barn. 
Any barn, any size.
I'm still thinking about this one. 

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Kathy S. said...

Fun to exchange blocks. Love your sashings.