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Sunday, December 02, 2018

Monday Mystery Link-Up and Design Wall Monday

Clue 2 was to make blue and neutral half square triangles.
While l was reading the clue, I started laughing!
Blue HSTs! 
I love them!!
Needless to say, my blue strip stash has now been almost depleted.
Good thing I just bought new blue yardage. 

In May, I finished Jamestown Landing. 

In August I used my Triangle Gathering blocks with neutral string blocks to make this top. 

I thought I'd be slick and use my brand new Go! die.
That bit me right in the keester!
The blades just made a mess of my fabric so
I got out my ruler and rotary cuter and cut the old way.

I was happily sewing along when I remembered I had a bunch already cut 
from the other quilts.
(Do you like my Dollar Store bin that I saved with red duct tape?)
I got that bin down and finished sewing those up.
I chose the ones I wanted and put the remaining ones in the bin labeled HSTs of this size.

Here is my final few ready to press and trim.
I've been using Chunky Churndash (Free pattern at Quiltville
as my leader/ender project 
and made a bit of progress on it this weekend.
Whenever I needed to take a break, 
I sewed a l/e seam.

Today I'm linking up with 
Enjoy your day in Blogland. 


Ramona said...

I love your blues.... quilts and HST's! :)

Annie said...

Judy, your Jamestown Landing quilt is a beauty! I really love that next quilt though that you used your Triangle Gathering blocks to make. The many hues of blues with the neutrals is very cohesive. Wow!...”almost depleted” a portion of your stash (blue fabrics)...who ever gets to say that! I’m sure it’s the first time I’ve ever heard it from a quilter. LOL. Whew, so glad to know your replaced it!

Nann said...

HSTs are great units to have on hand! Your JL turned out beautifully. This mystery is getting more mysterious. Will Flying Geese be next?

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Your blue quilts are so pretty! I can see why you would happily make more. Enjoy!

Mary said...

Lol, glad you found more blues.
It's fun the watch my Blog buddies working on the Mystery.

Val's Creative Life said...

Blue and w hite are so classic!! Yours came out great!