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Sunday, December 16, 2018

Get It Done-Week of December 17, 2018

My plans for the week of December 17 include celebrating Granddaughter Clella's 11th birthday Monday. I tried to convince her to be 9 but she isn't falling for it.
We are pretty excited as we await some new baby chicks. We are fostering our friends hens while they are snow birds and we put some of our fertilized eggs under their broody hen. We should have chicks by the weekend.

Sewing Room

  • Catch up on Quiltville mystery. 
  • Gather up a few quilts that I'd like to baste. Do they need backing, binding or batting?


  • Make the menu plans and grocery list for this week and next. 
  • Get ready for Christmas dinner


  • Work on Elliot's hat

How'd I do last week???
My plans for the week of December 10th.

Sewing Room
  • Work on Quiltville mystery.  Haven't sewn a single stitch since Tuesday!

  • Menu plan and grocery list
  • Make big batch of pizza sauce.   I did this at Crystal's house.
  • Wednesday is elk processing day...I'm so happy to have to be doing this even though it's going to be a very long day!  Tuesday and Wednesday were both very long days but we have it done.
  • Work on Mischief quilt  Not one stitch!
  • Finish knitting hat  Finished 2 hats, started a 3rd.

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Nann said...

Lots going on with chickens and quilt basting and a freezer full of elk! I don't plan menus though I strive to vary the entrees and occasionally try new recipes.