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Thursday, December 13, 2018

I Like Thursdays #34

What a week! What a week it has been!!!  Where to start?  Here is my list of things I like this week.

Friday was mystery clue day.
I spent the morning cutting my neutral squares and
in the afternoon, I settled in to watch Dumplin' on Netflix.
I love a feel good movie.

Saturday morning around 8, this was happening at the neighbor's driveway.
It was really cold outside so I played Gladys Kravitz and spied from my living room. 😀
The 40 acres up the hill had been sold and the new owners has some
maintenance to do before they can start doing any work up there.
I have a feeling it might be a long loud summer out my window.  

Saturday was our Christmas Club party.
We do brunch, exchange quilt blocks and play greedy gift.
I love spending time with these ladies!!

I took pumpkin bars this year.
I finally bought myself an offset spatula.
Why did I wait so long!

Daughter Crystal is my "Uber Driver".
I saw this and started to giggle.
It isn't the first time I've been called the airbag.

This is a tree in our hostess' yard.
All I could see was a bull elk bugling.
I couldn't stop looking at it.

Finally I got to sew on the mystery clue! 
First 2 seams were sewn the wrong way.
Oye! At least it was only 2 before I noticed.

Tuesday evening dinner was chicken enchiladas for dinner. 
(Do you do a meal plan for the week?)
After a long day of working on meat processing,
it was great to pull the enchiladas out of the freezer in the morning,
then make the chili gravy and pop it into the oven for a yummy dinner.

These enchiladas were made when we had them last time.
I'm a big believe in making more than enough so there is some for the freezer.

Does anyone else have dinner leftovers for breakfast the next morning?

Relaxing time was spent knitting a new hat for grandson Corbin.
It wasn't for a gift, it was a just because.
Then my friend posted  on FB about making new dishcloths using the Moss Stitch.
I had to look it up and give it a try.
I should have a new dishcloth soon. 

My adorable table runner was my Greedy gift prize from our party.
Trina did an amazing job on this! 
Thanks Trina!!!

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LA Paylor said...

great list! I want to comment on all of it if I can remember... love moss stitch, the bugling elk is true! that spatula is perfect for the job (are you watching the baking show?) wrong seams.... something I'd do, my step father made chicken enciladas every week, thanks for the memory.

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Hi Judy, what a wonderful post full of things we love. Gosh, I need that spatula! I too bake chicken enchiladas...it's sort of like comfort food. Jane Brocket made a blanket using moss stitch squares and it's really pretty. I knitted a similar blanket but knit my blocks as long scarves...if that makes any sense!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

I love leftovers for lunch or dinner- never have tried them for breakfast, but why not?! Sounds like your quilt group does the same kind of gift exchange as mine does, and ours is this afternoon. Always a fun time! I like the pretty table runner you came home with!

Jean said...

I do meal plan though I don't always follow it. Love having things in the freezer to grab for dinner though it's about time to see what is actually in there and maybe start fresh.

PaintedThread said...

I've been watching everyone's clues. So pretty. Those enchiladas look good. Yes - we do rough meal-plans for the week. Makes things easier.

Siouxzq64@gmail.com said...

Great likes. I could see the elk. I love cooking, tough cooking for one, but my daughter is always more than happy to come and grab my leftovers.

Deb A said...

So fun! That pan of goodies looks so yummy! The tree is too funny. Now I need to go look up the moss stitch - so pretty in that color.