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Thursday, April 18, 2013

UFO Plan

After parading a few of my UFOs all over Blogland and 
doing some serious thinking to come up with a workable plan for me, 
I think I may have something figured out.
I'm testing it out on this UFO.

This is the UFO I am working on and showed in this week's Design Wall Monday post.  

This is the design I had come up with using EQ7.

The blocks were sewn together.
Border 1 was cut and sewn on.
Border 2 was ready to be cut when reality set in.
I don't have enough lime/pink fabric for wide borders.

Back to EQ7.
Play with simple borders so I can still use my lime/pink fabric.
Use what I have.


My plan is to pick one project.
Stick with it.
Try to use what I have.
Since most projects are contained with their components,
I shouldn't have much trouble.
We'll see how far that gets me. :0)

I am NOT going to say I won't start any new projects.
What fun would that be?
And I would be a liar because I do plan to start several new projects.

What I am saying is that I am going to focus on those UFOs I showed in the parade.
When those are completed,
I'll have another parade.

I'm linking up with Judy L's UFO Plan.
There are some really good tips from other Planners.
I hope to incorporate some of them into my plan.


Quilter Kathy said...

Sounds like a great plan to me!

Mary said...

I hear the country song- "Stuck like Glue" going in my head reading about your plan. I'm glad you can admit you are normal and will always start something new in spite of trying not to. Go for the next UFO next week or start something new, it's your choice! I like the setting of Monthly goals that we are doing with Judy L, it's so much better this year.

Julianne said...

It sounds like you have a good plan.. Like you I know I will start new projects but I am Ok with that..LOL
My projects make me happy and I want to work on what makes me happy.