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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Good News Thursday

With all of the sad and bad news that is happening in our world, I sometimes feel out of sorts when good things are happening to me. But today I want to think about good things.  You know I am all about simple pleasures.  It doesn't take much to make me smile---just like it doesn't take much to make me cry.

The best news this week--Yesterday I had my colonoscopy!!! All is good, I shouldn't have to do this again for ten years. I am so happy I didn't chicken out and cancel because I almost did.  I had the phone in my hand!  Ernie took the day off, played chauffeur and took me out to a nice lunch after.

I have a good plan for working my UFOs.  That means I have a good plan for spending time in my sewing room.

My turkeys are growing and trying to sneak out of their pen to get to the outside world.  They aren't ready for the outside world yet--kind of like me.  I threw a bunch of grass clippings in to them yesterday and they were so curious and excited.

Our bees are doing great, our chickens are laying lots of eggs. Fred the Rooster is still mooching off us instead of going home.  I love him!  He is beautiful and he is nice.  My girls like him too.  So far no one is sitting on any eggs though.  I am hoping someone goes broody soon before the neighbors decide they want their rooster back.  Earn your keep Mister!!!

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Mary said...

Always good to wake up to good news from you Judy. I'd rather read the good news anyday! Turning off the TV during the News is Good some days. Happy for your good report on the Colonoscopy. I'm a chicken about getting one too.