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Friday, April 12, 2013

On The Needles

My socks are not cooperating with the yarn pooling challenge.  I thought for sure once the gusset was finished and I had decreased the stitches a bit more, the Sweet Georgia yarn would pool.  No. But it is doing something a bit interesting. It is striping in long sections.  See the heel? On the other side is a different colorway of stripes.  It's doing the same thing now in the foot section.

The Prince Henry sock on the left is going to be unknitted and I'll start over. I think the needles are too big for this yarn.  I also think I am going to do a ribbed leg instead of plain jane. I'll concentrate on Sweet Georgia first and get those finished.

I've been working on my Greta vest.  I like how it is starting to take shape.  I am going to work the armholes on this pretty soon so I can take those stitch holder pins out before I snag something major with them.

One thing I discovered about working all 3 of these projects this week is that I rather enjoy working on more than one thing at a time. Maybe it's working on the challenge or the changing of needle sizes from vest to socks or maybe it's just my lack of concentration with one project. I don't know. Whatever it is, it's working for me as I've made a bit of progress on all 3.


Judy S. said...

My yarn isn't cooperating either, way less than yours. I think there's a kind of pooling called "flashing" and from what I read it sounds like that's what your yarns are doing, especially the one you said you were going to rip. Both look great to me!
Are they both Sweet Georgia?

Suzanne said...

I work better if I have 2 ( or 3 or 4) projects going at the same time...knitting or quilting. I like your color choices for all your projects.

InfinityQuilter/Knitter said...

My sock did the same thing as yours around the heel. I like the striping on Prince Henry!

Teresa in Music City said...

Your socks are looking great! It's a shame they haven't pooled for you, but they look great!

I have crafter's ADD - I just can't work on one thing alone! I've always got more than one thing going, and often more like 3 or 4. Plus, I keep moving from quilting, to knitting, to embroidery.... somebody help me!!!

Nancy said...

To get true pooling you will need to use an indi-dyed yarn: the commercial yarns don't pool very much.

I like to switch back and forth on knitting projects from time to time.

Paula, the quilter said...

I usually have 2 projects going: one, like a sweater, that stays home and the other that lives in my bag and is portable.

Mary said...

I have too many projects started already in my knitting too. It's just a carry over bad habit from our quilting, I think. I need to cast on for my shawl sometime soon, these "on your needles" postings have tempted me into going to the yarn store...such enablers you are.

Mary said...

Your socks look great, pooling or not. I try to keep only one project going but now I have two soon to be three.