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Thursday, April 18, 2013

I Love It When A Plan Comes Together

Today is a stay at home and get things done day.  I decided the first thing I wanted to do was work my UFO Plan and get this fabulous top finished.  Now I need to decide what to bind it with, either the brown polka dot or the lime green that forms the little 4 patches.  I'm leaning toward the brown.

Since I missed Quiltcam live from Quiltville last night, I clicked on and watched via YouTube.  How much fun to sew and listen to Bonnie chat.  It was quite funny and spooky when several times as she mentioned things that were happening to me at the exact same time she's talking about it.  Stray threads was mentioned as I was pulling threads off my top while pressing.  Wondering if we plan how to quilt a project as I was thinking about a really cool pantograph that I have and want to use on this top. She mentioned classic fabrics and how long these wild and modern prints would be in style-prints like the lime/pink I was using in this quilt ....made me laugh at how alike quilters really and truly are.

I am so happy Bonnie is now using YouTube for Quiltcam so we can watch whenever we want instead of missing out on the chatty fun because of other obligations. Good call Miss Bonnie!  It so much fun to sew with others, even if it's just through the computer screen.

This is the next UFO that has been pulled from the bin and a plan is beginning to form in my head.  For me, the plan needs to be broken down into steps and written on paper.  First the blocks need to go up on the wall to see which ones to keep and which ones to replace. I remember there are blocks in there that I do not like. See, the plan is formulating already.


Annie said...

This is a wonderful quilt top, Judy! I'm very happy to see that you have your priorities in order and first things first. LOL After all, life is short, have fun first!

Quilter Kathy said...

Were you inside my head?!? You are saying the same things I was thinking this week...scary!!

Nancy said...

Your quilt looks like a Spring Garden!

Mary said...

Great way to finish your UFO this week. On to the next huh? Your plan is working, I'd say. I enjoy watching Bonnie on Quiltcam when ever I can. I like that there are no ADS and we can see more of her room from where her DH put up the shelf to hold the camera so it doesn't vibrate. Your pink and lime green are back in fashion. What panto are you quilting on it? That sounds fun!