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Monday, April 08, 2013

Farm Tales

The baby turkeys are almost 4 weeks old now.  Saturday we moved them into their big home.  They looked so big in the tub they were in and now they look so tiny!  They are quite adventurous and so fun to watch.

 The front of the chicken house needs wire across the bottom. I keep forgetting to do it.  The other day I happened to spot an egg.  Then I found 5 more.  Today I spotted 3.  I had the camera in my pocket so decided to set it on the ground and take a picture.  I see 3 more eggs I couldn't reach.  I'll have to get the tennis ball flinger and a kid to lay on their stomach to get the eggs out of there before they get nasty.

Saturday was bee day.  We lost both of our hives last year so we are giving it another shot.  Cross your fingers that we get some honey this year.

The littles were getting bored with watching bees fly around and decided the chickens needed a snack.  See the big rooster in the front?  That's Fred. He isn't mine, he lives next door but likes it here better.  He's a nice rooster so he's welcome.  The neighbor kids came and got him the other day and the next morning he was strutting down the road.  Makes me wonder if they gave up on him.

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Marei said...

Love hearing about "life on the farm". Good luck with the bees this year. What happened with the others? Fly off? Die off?