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Monday, September 03, 2012

NSM-Day 3

Today's National Sewing Month report doesn't seem like much but gosh, these little 5" pineapple blocks take some serious time to make.  That is not a complaint, not at all. I love doing them.  These 8 blocks need 2 more rounds each.

Before I started sewing, I trimmed up the quilt as you go string blocks that I wrote about this morning and I found the perfect greens for the hexagon project.  So those all 3 projects have moved forward today.  Yeah me!

I would love to go in and crash in the recliner but stupid rasslin' is on and I can't stand it, so I'm going to sew for a while longer.  Maybe Bonnie will have quilt cam going and I can sew with friends tonight.


Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

OH they look so cute. I haven't been brave enough to dive into those lil pineapples yet. They are on my list, because they are one of the 7 that are screaming my name in Bonnie's books. But I have hidden the books to mute the voices, so they aren't screaming so loudly at the moment. Because I am too busy. So until the books can come out of hiding, I am going to watch the progress on all of yours.

scraphappy said...

Your Pineapples are looking so happy! Glad you found some time to sew today. I had to spend time this evening escaping to the sewing room to get away from football, so I understand your problem.