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Saturday, September 08, 2012

NSM Day 8

I got up super early this morning feeling great.  Maybe I have licked this cold-well mostly.  I worked on finishing up the Pineapple Crazy blocks.  15 done, 209 to go.

Then I started on my Sow-A-Long blocks from Barrister's Block.  And the pink and brown block is ready with all the triangles made and trimmed.  They just need to be sewn together.  1 done, 5 to go to be caught up--I'm making 2 of each block.  I'm thinking about working up a design in EQ7 to use the pink and brown blocks to make a smaller quilt.

A funny:  Today we took a nice drive to get tractor parts.  Ernie asked what I was sewing on this morning.  So I started telling him about National Sewing Month and that I want to celebrate by sewing every day.  His response:  "Why would ANYONE want to do that?"  That made me laugh!  I told him it was kind of like hunting season.  I think he might understand now.


Quilter Kathy said...

Thanks for the smile!
At least he shows some interest and asks what you are sewing...that is sweet.

Nancy said...

Too funny!

You have an impressive pile of pineapple blocks. Nice job.

scraphappy said...

Glad you got Ernie to understand. The hunting season was a great example. Those little pineapple blocks are just so sweet. Definitely a long slow work in progress. I've been reworking Grandmother's Choice blocks into Midget size, everything is cuter tiny! Happy Nationa Sewing Month!

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

Loving your lil pineapple blocks! It is nice to see everyone's progress lately when I have been too busy to do much sewing.