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Sunday, September 09, 2012

Corny Day

This morning I got up early so I could go in and sew before Ernie got up.  I knew once he was up and the paper was read, we were going to go.  He needed to go to the shop at work and I wanted to go shop at Walmart for a couple pair of jeans.  So after breakfast, off we went.

On the normal way home, he saw a sign for fresh corn, asked if I wanted some and of course I did.  We got our 80 ears of corn and decided to take a different way home.  I haven't been the "back" way for a long time.  So much has changed, lots of new fancy houses dot the old farmlands.  Saw some fabulous vegetable gardens and beautiful flower gardens. 

Once home, we got to work.  I loaded all the bags of corn into my big yellow wagon.  Then we pulled up a garbage can and a couple chairs and started husking.  Doug, Lacey and baby Estella stopped by so Gramma had to hold Stellie and Doug and Lacey took over husking.  Pretty smart on my part! Then they left.....before the real work started.  But it was nice to visit with them.  I don't see my son often enough.

So Ernie set up the outside kitchen.  The turkey fryer is filled with water and boiling to blanch the corn, the canner kettle is filled (and refilled several times) with cold water and ice.  The the corn cutting begins.  Under the green towel is where I dump the corn when the dishes were full.

When the first tub is full, I bring it in the house and start bagging it into gallon freezer bags.  When we want corn for dinner, I just break off a hunk and cook it.  Works for me and saves bags.

We ended up with 16 bags in the freezer. I figure there are at least 4 dinners in each bag for the 2 of us--each bag has 6-7 cups of corn--so 64 dinners......corn once a week or so.  We are all set!  
The chickens will get the cobs.  The deer can eat the husks. We all win.

Oh, and see those pop-cycles?  Those are blackberry smoothie pop-cycles.  The kiddos picked me some blackberries the other day and I promised to make pop-cycles with them.  They turned out delicious.  See that half eaten one???  Those are too big for little boys.  I need to make some smaller ones.


fancystitching said...

YUM! Corn cut off the cob is a lot of work, but it is my very most favorite veggie we put up! Blackberry popsicles? I never thought of that!

Quilter Kathy said...

That is such a great idea!

Nancy said...

Frozen corn is much better than canned, in my opinion.

Judy Laquidara said...

Your corn looks so good!