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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

NSM-Day 4

Is it just me thinking that it's impossible to be night time on the 4th of September already?  Goodness!

Today I spent most of the day in the recliner snoozing off and on.  My precious grands visited the other day with their nasty noses and left enough stuff here for Gramma now have a nasty nose.

This evening I decided if I didn't sew on my hexis, nothing would get sewn today.  Ernie left for a meeting, I got out my bin and got busy.  I only have the last 6 greens to attach and can start making the creams for the mid section.  It's fun to have a plan for this old UFO.


scraphappy said...

So nice of your grand kids to share their germs. Glad you still found motivation to sew.

Diane said...

nice hexies! bummer about the nasty nose :(
I'm in denial that it is now Sept 5th-unreal!

Cathy said...

But haven't you taught them that they are supposed to share??? That hexie project is going to look wonderful!! I bet if you wrote it up as a pattern you could sell it.

fancystitching said...

Bummer on the "nose" thing... hope you are feeling better soon! Your hexies are really coming along. Perhaps you will inspire me to pull out that UFO (Yes, I have one of these hiding in the closet, too!) and work on it some. But not until I finish the Reader's Wrap... It is SUCH a fun knit! Am I tempting you? Just a little bit?

Terry said...

Sorry about your nose! Your hexagons are so pretty! I love those colors! :0)