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Friday, September 14, 2012

Quiltathon Day 2

Quiltathon Day 2 started early for me.  I have a dr. appt this morning so I decided to go into the sewing room and finish up the flock of geese that I never returned to yesterday.  There were 93 geese in that pile.

As of 7:30 this morning, I have a total of 240 geese and 3 more to start the next flock with.  See those scissors on the right side there?  Those are Karen Kay Buckley Perfect Scissors. On QuiltCam the other night, Bonnie Hunter was saying how great they are and let me tell you, they are!!!  I am so glad I ordered them.  I think I have finally found the perfect scissors! 

I'm linking up with Judy L's progress post here.  I'll be back later.

6:30 pm   
Dr appt. went well.  No more sewing has gone on yet.  Had a great visit with daughter DeeDee.  Not too often does she get to come out on a weekday.  Then dinner went into the oven and while it was cooking, more pink strips were cut to make squares.  Then a few more strips of goose fabric was chunked up and added to the pile.  I think I'm real close to the 600 needed if I guesstimated right.  I'm not going to cut any more until I get all those chunks turned into geese just to see how close I am.  I love to play simple, silly games with myself.

Now that dinner is over, I'm going to head in and sew for just a while.  I'll tell you about that later.
Oh, and my National Sewing Month goal to sew every day???  I haven't missed a day!  That makes me happy.  


Melinda said...

Hey Judy, love your blog although I'm not much for commenting (sorry). Your link on Judy L's page today takes us to Amazon and Karen Kay scissors. Are you a paid endorser? haha

Andee said...

Way to go! You will pass me by in no time!

scraphappy said...

Woohoo. Makes me wish I could drop everything and sew the day away. I can't let everyone else finish first.

Quilter Kathy said...

Always looking for scissors recommendations...good to know. You are having so much fun with the quiltathon and the NSM...way to go...I am jealous!

Anonymous said...

I like the colors of your geese. I've been doing a lot of them lately, too!