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Friday, April 01, 2011

April's UFO Challenge Project

Judy L has picked #4 for this month's 2011 UFO Challenge project. The blocks on the right side of the photo are hearts and flower blocks made for me by a group of fabulous quilting friends and had been laid out and pinned into rows. I need to find some sashing, border and backing fabric for this quilt.

The hearts and flowers blocks were sent to make into donation quilts. I use them as heart healing blocks. Sometimes I spiral into depression over the reason for these blocks (not going to go into that story) and I need to work my way out of it. This is a good month to remember our sweetheart with joy and make this quilt to heal someone else's heart.

The blocks on the left were won by my friend and given to me to do something with and for some reason I put them in the bag so I guess I should do something with them. I never say no to a stack of blocks. I'll need to think on this one for a while.


Charlene S said...

Helping others is a great way to help ourselves out of depression. Charity quilts are great for doing just that!

Me and My Stitches said...

Can't wait to see how they look at the end of the month!