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Sunday, November 25, 2018

Get It Done--Week of November 26, 2019

After the full and busy last week, this will be a quiet week for us. Nothing is planned other that a few more hunting days. I'm trying to fight off a cold/flu thing so I'm not making many plans.

I decided to make my Fun On The Farm block for November before starting the mystery. I'm glad I did.

My plans for the week of November 29th:

Sewing Room
  • Put the heart quilt together.
  • Work on Quiltville mystery when next clue is available.

Kitchen Plans
  • Make up some turkey bone soup. I don't think there will be enough to can.
Evening Plans

  • Continue stitching diamonds for Antique Star quilt.

How did I do?
My plans for the week of November 19th:

Sewing Room
  • Be ready for the Quiltville Good Fortune mystery that starts Friday   Clue 1 Done!
  • Gather rulers, change rotary cutter blade, find and label project box. Done
  • Have a string sewing weekend day with Miss Clella-probably Saturday.  Did not happen......colds and flu happened instead.
  • Can I possibly finish quilting and binding Votes For Women Sampler???  Yes I can. 

Kitchen Plans
  • Wednesday-make pumpkin bars into mini cupcakes for Thursday.  Done and gone. The mini muffins were a big hit!
  • Wednesday-make pumpkin pies --make 1 for breakfast Thursday (long time family tradition) and another to take to dinner.. Done and gone. 
  • Load the dehydrator with onions, carrots, celery  Chopped and ready to dehydrate.
  • Can up bean soup and any ham broth that's left over from soup making.  8 pints ham and bean soup, 8 pints of ham broth on pantry shelves. 3 cartons of soup in the freezer.

Evening Plan
  • Continue stitching on Antique Start quilt.  I'm like Dory, just keep stitching, just keep stitching.
  • Hoping to be stitching down binding on Votes for Women quilt. Done. 

I feel like I had a very productive week. 

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Ramona said...

You had a very busy week, especially since you weren't/aren't feeling well. Hopefully your cold will go away quickly so you can check some things from this weeks list.