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Sunday, November 18, 2018

Get It Done--Week of November 19, 2019

It's Thanksgiving week! Already!! This really snuck up on me. I'm really glad I'm not doing the majority of the cooking. My son in law is head cook this year. Hooray!
It was a fun week of working my plan. How I did last week is below.

My plans for the week of November 19th:

Sewing Room
  • Be ready for the Quiltville Good Fortune mystery that starts Friday
  • Gather rulers, change rotary cutter blade, find and label project box.
  • Have a string sewing weekend day with Miss Clella-probably Saturday.
  • Can I possibly finish quilting and binding Votes For Women Sampler??? 

Kitchen Plans
  • Wednesday-make pumpkin bars into mini cupcakes for Thursday.
  • Wednesday-make pumpkin pies --make 1 for breakfast Thursday (long time family tradition) and another to take to dinner..
  • Load the dehydrator with onions, carrots, celery
  • Can up bean soup and any ham broth that's left over from soup making.
Evening Plan

  • Continue stitching on Antique Start quilt.
  • Hoping to be stitching down binding on Votes for Women quilt.

How did I do with my plans for the week of November 12th?  Pretty good I think.

Sewing Room Plans
  • Sew baby quilt top together. Did not touch!
  • 2 doll shirts to send to Sue Done 
  • Put retreat things away. Most of them are put away.
  • Start quilting the next quilt. Started quilting Votes for Women on Tuesday. As of Sunday evening, I have 2 more sides of the last border to finish. I might be done tonight.
  • Pull more fabrics for Quiltville mystery. I found several more awesome fabrics.
  • Stitch down binding on 30's Sampler.  Finished Tuesday evening. 
Kitchen Plans
  • Monday-Make Pepperoni Rolls for Ernie to take to elk camp Tuesday morning.   Hubs came home and decided he'd rather just have pizza. OK, pizza for dinner Monday. 
  • Can pinto, great northern, black and red beans. Nope...didn't even think about it. 
  • Make ham broth and can it.  Broth cooked all day and overnight on the woodstove, needs to get cold so I can skim off the fat. Decided to can some bean soup so if there is any broth left, it will be canned at the same time.
Evening Plan
  • Work on Antique Star quilt.  I've been basting, basting, basting!  Need to cut more diamonds.

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