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Monday, November 26, 2018

Design Wall Monday and Mystery Monday Link Up...

...All Rolled Into One.

It's that time of year again.
Oh how I love a Quiltville Mystery.
For me it's all about trust.
I trust that Bonnie has designed another fabulous quilt in Good Fortune
 andI am not hesitant at all to jump in with both feet.
No hesitation on my part at all.
I love the colors she chose for this year.
I love that there will be lots of orange.
I love that I have lots of fabric in my stash for this quilt.
I love that I could add some new fabrics to my stash and into this quilt.

I'm excited to be almost finished with Clue 1.
Just a bit more spinning and pressing.
Then I will spend the rest of the week working on another project while
I patiently wait for Friday.

I have been a Bonnie fan since right after she started Quiltville.
One day she shared her Scrap Users System and I had to follow.
So when clue 1 said to use strips of red and neutral,
I went right to my bins and pulled out my red and neutral strips.

My strip bins are full from years and years of strip swaps.
For years at our retreats we swapped neutral 2 1/2" strips along with some colors.
Then we added different sizes into the mix.
Thanks to my friends, I have a wonderful collection of strips in all usable sizes.

Pretty soon there was a small mountain of strips sewed together.
Oh the fun I was having!!

Then I couldn't stand it any more, 
I had to cut some strips into units and make 4 patches.
Then I had to count to 10, spin those seams, press and pin.
Pretty soon, I'm left with just a few piles of 10 that need to be spun, pressed and pinned.

I will be working on this baby quilt later today.
It's always good to have a fun project to work on while I wait.

Fill you cup and enjoy your morning in Blogland.
I just betcha there will be lots and lots of 4 patches. 


Alison V. said...

Your four patches look great! :D

Ramona said...

I'll be watching everyone's progress on the Bonnie mystery quilt from the sidelines this year. How nice that you have such a wonderful stash of strips! Love your hearts, too.

Mary said...

Good to have the strips all ready cut for the 4-patches. Orange just doesn't float my boat. I had to get my Purple in the Mystery somewhere. Cute baby hearts. Glad you're playing along!

AnnieO said...

It's a ton of work, but the best part of the Scrap User's System. I can tell you've been hooked on Bonnie a long time, LOL

Feathers in my Nest said...

Lovely 4 patches!

Julie said...

I will be watching your progress. I am still in the UFO busting stage, didn't want a new UFO! Nice job!

Vireya said...

I love your enthusiasm!

Nancy in NV-wheres the dude at blogspot said...

Oh so lucky to have those strips ready and waiting. I'm very lazy about keeping up with cutting scraps.

Jeanette said...

It will be interesting to see how many are like you and love orange. Me, I am using yellow and swapping some other colours around too.