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Monday, November 05, 2018

Design Wall Monday

This past weekend I was a hunting widow.
My plan was to quilt this quilt.
I started on Friday.

Soccer season is ending.
Some of the kiddos are sick of soccer so they asked to stay at Gramma's house
 Saturday morning instead of going to another soccer game.
I seldom say no.
So  no quilting happened Saturday.
They weren't here all that long but I got sidetracked on other things.
I did work on it for a while on Sunday.
Sunday morning I downloaded a few audio books to listen to while quilting.

This one is called A Spool of Blue Thread.
Hmmm, I'm having a hard time staying interested in it. 
I'll keep listening for a while. 
I hope it gets better.

I love these bags from JoAnn's and have several.
While packing for retreat, I noticed the binding coming off.
So I sat down and sewed all 4 seams.
I can't have my bag falling apart.
I am considering this my mending for the month. 

Halloween was treat day for Bonnie Hunter mystery fans.
Good Fortune is the new mystery.
I pulled some of my reds.
The ones in front are my iffies.

Still not sure even after changing to black and while.

The reds are the only fabrics I've pulled. 
I told myself to get that quilt finished first and then find the remaining fabrics.
I'm trying so hard to be a good quilter!

I'm still working on doll clothes.
This outfit will stay on Clella's doll. 
I need to make a few more shirts before Thursday!
Hmm, quilting and doll clothes.
I can do it! 

So with finishing the quilt and the doll clothes,
I need to get things ready for retreat Thursday.
I can do this.
My string bins are packed, the book and the papers are in the bag.
Everything else is in the rolling cart that houses my Featherweight.

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Churn Dash said...

I've heard a lot of people say that they enjoy listening to books but I haven't tried it. I'm not sure I would listen long enough to make sense of a story.

The doll clothes look fun.

I looked at Bonnie's mystery announcement and have decided not to do it. I look forward to reading about how you get on with it as the year winds down.

I've just got back from retreat, I hope yours is as relaxing and as fun as mine was.


Ramona said...

I have been listening to books while quilting lately, too. I've looked at "A Spool of Blue Thread" several times, but have not gotten it. Let me know if it gets better. Good luck with your quilting and sewing of doll clothes this week!

Mary said...

Cute Doll Clothes. I dare not start making them. Quilts are more fun. Grandma time is a great Saturday distraction. Nice to have them choose Grandma over Soccer.

Gretchen Weaver said...

Have a wonderful time at your retreat! It's so nice to have to not cook, clean or anything like that!

Kate said...

Sounds like a very full weekend. Enjoy your retreat!