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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Project Pantry

You know I like to can, right?
The jar lifter on the left belonged to my mom.
I bought mine in the early 70s when I was a young wife, 
starting to can for my own family.
I still use it and the water bath canner I bought at the time.
Only I mostly pressure can now,
using the pressure canner that my dad gave me.
I've replaced all the important parts to in several times but 
it's still the same canner dad gave me.

I'm doing my own freezer challenge.
Get that old stock out of the freezer and into jars.
I need room for new freezer stock.
Clams! So many clams. 
Sunday I made clam chowder base.
The recipe is in The Ball Blue Book.
Potatoes, onion, bacon and clams.
Then when I open a jar, I make a rue of butter and flour,
add some heavy cream and a jar of base.
Hubby says it's really good. 
I'll never believe that. 😝
It's Stinky Clam Chowder to me.
14 1/2 pints added to the pantry.

Tuesday I make him smoked clams.
I'm not using the smoker, just some liquid smoke. 
I found the recipe here.
(Yes, I know it's not an approved recipe by the canning gurus.)
I've made them before, he says they are good.
Again, I'll never believe that.

Since I only made 8 1/2 pints of clams and I don't like to run the pc partially full,
I canned up some pinto beans in 1/2 pints. 
The perfect amount for a bean dip snack. 
14 more jars on the shelf.

I need to get out more jars.
I have fish in the freezer that needs to be canned up.

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