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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sewing Room Update

 I've been working on the re-do of my sewing room for far too long.  It's an overwhelming task.  I had to dive in head first and just do it.  I didn't take before photos because I was too embarrassed and there is no way that I would have shown them to you, never, ever!!!  These are bad enough.

I started clearing out my room on March 16th.  I wrote about it first on March 18th.  Optimistically I thought I could do this in a little under a week......Oh how WRONG I  was!!!  I have a ton of excuses but I'll save them.

This morning, this corner looked like this, stuff stacked up with no home yet.  I had jicky joggyed the quilting frame over to the other side of the room.  Move it a little, move stuff over to this side, move the frame, move more stuff.  

I had a plan for the second shelving unit.  I was going to have that 2 drawer file cabinet there and then have shelves on top of it for my books.  When I planned it and measured, I had just enough room not to interfere with the air conditioner.  When I started setting up the 2nd unit, I was in front of the ac by about 1/2".  Just enough that I couldn't open the cover to get the filter out to clean it.  Of course.  So I came up with a new plan.  Move the file cabinet out and now I will make shelves all the way up to put those bins on.  And I will find a new home for the file cabinet.

This is how I left it tonight.  I moved a bunch of bins into their (maybe) new home.  Of course, I don't know if everything will stay on the shelves as they are now or not.  I have so much more work to do.

Then I had to clear out this corner.  This is where my new corner table is going.  I have the best son in law.  He kind of lit a fire under my hinny this morning by offering to do this today.  I couldn't say no.  

This is how we left it tonight.  I am exhausted, my back hurts, my brain hurts.  I hope I can sleep tonight and not think about what I want to do tomorrow.  I'm going to buy another shelving system for above the table.  I've decided not to have a design wall.  I'll think of something else.  My wall space is now too valuable as storage space.

If you haven't read the Fabric Therapy blog recently, you are missing out on some fabulous organizational posts.  Teresa has shared every inch of her quilt cave with us.  I have read her posts before and she has inspired me to organize my space in a more functional way.   Her timing for these posts could not have been better for me, they started right in the middle of my mess.  And the book she talks about, Organizing from the Inside Out...I got the DVD from my library and watched it for even more inspiration---the DVD is shown here at Amazon and I saw it available at Netflix.

The way I had my room was not working at all and I used it this way for years.  I think when I get finished, I'll be so stinkin' happy that I will never come out........well maybe for a minute or five...........but not much longer than that.


Annie said...

Judy, creativity is anything but neat and tidy. You'll get all organized and then set right in making a brand spanking new mess. But it'll be so fun making that new mess in that shiny new sewing space! What a GREAT corner table you now have to work on!

Michelle said...

Oh, you are going to LOVE your new space!!!

Susan said...

You are making good progress. It is hard to work in a space that does not feel appealing.... How well I know... You are going to keep on till I have to get up and clear mine out too...........

Thanks for sharing.

fancystitching said...

What great progress you are making! Keep up the good work! And I LOVE the corner table. My progress, very little. At least I did get a little bit of organization to my yarn stash and knitting supplies. If I could just say "no" to going fishing, but I can't. Soon very hot weather will be here and then I will hole up in my office with the AC running and really get to work.

Mary said...

I'm so happy to see a great corner unit made by family for you. You will love having the room to roll. It's nice to have a Handy-Andy in the family. I have an Andy but he isn't as handy for me building stuff, he keeps the computer stuff good though.

soscrappy said...

Good luck with your organization. Finding a place for everything is never an easy task. We quilters do need a lot of stuff. Keep at it tough, it will be worth it when you can find just what you need.