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Saturday, April 07, 2012

Sunny Day On The Farm

DJ getting loves from Mae.
This past Wednesday, DJ had a terrible limp.
I took him to the vet and was told he has old man knees.
He is taking an anti inflammatory medication.
He is supposed to take it easy.
He will, after his little people go home.

Mike and Ernie doing some work with the queen so she can be released from her little box.
This is Ernie's first day doing bee work. 
He wasn't taking any chances, hence the gloves. 
I think they look cute in their bee suits.

Nothing's more fun for Elliot than a good wiggly tree branch.
Leland, Corbin and Mommy stayed home, I think the boys were napping. 
Smart boys.  
A bit of quiet time for Mommy.

I took several pictures of Miss Whitey but she kept moving. 
This must be her good side.

I drug the big chick pen/stock tank outside so the chicks could work 
on their tan and see what sunshine was all about.
I think it's time to make them an outside pen. 
They are still too little to go in with the big chickens.
They still need their heat light.  
It froze here again last night.

This is outside waiting for me to help unload.  
I guess I better get my gloves on.  
Really, I would rather sew!
Maybe later.


soscrappy said...

Hope you find some time to sew eventually, but it does look like a beautiful day for beig outside.

Annie said...

Just look at that gorgeous day you had. Here too in Cali. The guys in their white suits make me think of "ET phone home" LOL Dontcha know that trees have little kid magnets in them?!

Annie said...

After all that wood unloading, it only sounds fair that you'd get to have some sewing time. Preferably while someone else cooks...or maybe you like cooking...not me!

Michelle said...

It looked like a beautiful day to be outside.

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

Enjoy the wonderful sunshine it does your soul some good. Then after dark and when it gets too cold outside or rainy then your sewing time can get caught up.

fancystitching said...

WHEW! It looks like things are very busy in your neck of the woods! Happy Easter!