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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Plans and Reality

You know what I mean when I say "my plan for the day is..."  and then reality sets in???  Saturday my plan was to finish the last of the blocks for the Sow-A-Long.  I cut my pieces and put them with the instructions in a 3 ring binder so when I want to sew for a while, I can just take out a page and make the blocks.  I'm doing 2 of each block, pink and brown and scrappy.  

These were my last blocks and then I would be caught up waiting for 3 new blocks this Wednesday.  I was being quite smug until I went to sew on the last sashing and cornerstone piece.  The blocks didn't look right.  Why did I have blue with my pink and brown with the gold???  OH CRAP!  So I started to take them apart and in walks Ernie!  Dang, he's home with another load of fire wood.  There goes my plans!  Right into reality world!  Poop!

The truck got unloaded and this winter's woodpile is going to be fabulous.  My winter security blanket.  I have a thing about being warm.  Then we went into town to buy some trail cameras.  That didn't work out in our favor but we did learn a lot and met a really nice, knowledgeable young man that helped us a lot.  We came home and got online and really started researching.....that's some hard work right there but successful. And now he's happy with what we learned and what we bought.

 Fast forward to Sunday.  Up early because the dogs needed to go out and it's normal Monday through Friday wake up time........when will I learn to sleep in on the weekends???  Probably never--more reality!  After coffee, I decided to go in and finish my blocks.  Done!  Caught up!  Ready for Wednesday!!!

Now it's time to play.  Set one-Scrappy.  I like the ease of the straight setting.  I like that the sashing is on the blocks and when the time comes, just sew them together. 

Oh, pink and brown on point.  I'm sure this is how this one will go.  But you all know how my plans work out...........

I'm just tickled to be caught up.  With this project anyhow.  Now I have to get out the fabric for the hunting club quilt.  The picnic is just a few weeks away.........and the quilt is one of the most popular prizes.  I don't want to disappoint a bunch of hunters.

Oh and the sewing room rearrange--still working on that one.  We came up with a new/improved idea that will become reality this week.......maybe.


Quilter Kathy said...

I think you should quickly finish up whatever the hunters want you to do!!! LOL
Love the pink and brown on pointe!

Mary said...

Smart lady to add the sahsings as you go! I think I found the perfect solution for my sashings on my Farmer's wife. Now you have me thinking about straight or on-point setting. The straight would be easier and the on-point is like the book. I'm not making two- I'm chanting "No more NEW Projects with 6.5" blocks".

Nancy said...

Both settings are lovely, but my eye loves the on-point pink/brown set.

Suzanne said...

You did a wonderful job on both quilts! I'm with you on the firewood..I want to stay warm in the winter!

Annie said...

Oh, I hate when I sew stuff backasswards! But now they look beautiful and all together both sets look awesome!

fancystitching said...

Oh, you busy gal you! Keep up the great work... both quilts are going to be absolutely wonderful!