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Saturday, September 10, 2011

What Do I Do When It's 90+ Outside?

I Quilt!

Turbo Tested, Turbo Approved

This baby quilt was pieced last September! Almost a whole year ago. I got it out a couple days ago, loaded it onto the frame super fast using my new Red Snappers (I swear these are changing my quilting life!) that Gari talked about in a couple February 2011 posts. I thought a long time about getting them and one day I decided I needed them. I really glad I bought them. Sometimes a quilter needs a new tool! In no time at all, I was unsnapping the quilt and adding binding. Now this little gem will be washed and put away until a sweet little baby girl needs a quilt.

I woke up this morning at 3:00 and couldn't go back to sleep so at 4:15 I got up and started sewing. I added the final 3 border pieces to the Split Decision baby quilt that hasn't been touched since March. Then I made and pressed the binding and pieced the back. It is ready for quilting. Instead of loading this one, I picked my 2nd oldest UFO and loaded it.

This quilt was started in 2002 as a Row Robin and finally put together into a top sometime in 2010 and then promptly put on the to be quilted mountain and forgot about. It is now listed as quilting in progress...........that's a good thing.

I have big plans to catch up on the 2011 UFO Challenge list. One quilt is waiting to be next and a set of blocks is waiting for sashing.......Plans, Big Plans!


Amy said...

Great Big Plans goals!! :0)
THANKS for the RedSnappers link; watched all the videso and am intrigued. You're sold on 'em, huh? Might need to look into that investment.

As for 3:00/4:15 morning: WAY TO USE YOUR TIME!!!! Good luck on the UFO catchup :0)

Nancy said...

The tulips are beautiful.

You will conquer the "quilted mountain" and begin building another one, even higher than the first. ;oD

Mary said...

You are getting so much accomplished! I'm jealous. I'm certainly glad Turbo approves too.

fancystitching said...

OH MY!! You are really knocking out the work today!! I LOVE the Red Snappers, too! It took a short while to figure out the best way to use them on my Gammill (a little different rail configuration than the A-1 Renae shows), but now I love them... no more sticking myself with corsage pins!!

Heat... UGH! We have had 60 days of 100+ temps this year. It has been cooler for the last week, but the weather man says next week may bring the 100s back to us. Our average number of days of 100+ temps is SEVEN a year. Come on Fall!!!

Michelle said...

I'm really interested to hear more about your red snappers. I have a hinterberg frame and Juki machine, and wondering if I would love this.

Your quilt is cute! Thanks for stopping by my blog.