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Friday, September 23, 2011

A Day With Carol

Carol Doak was teaching an all day class through NW Quilting Expo in Portland Thursday.

My friend Harriet and I attended her Sunset At Sea class. We had a blast! Harriet is new to paper piecing, I'm not. I learned so many little tips and tricks that will make my pp-ing so much easier and lots more fun because I'll remember Carol's funny little sayings or her silly jokes about this or that.

Look at this mini! She now sells pattern cds with 4 miniature printable patterns. I love doing the minis and after seeing hers, I want to make them all! I did buy Set Four but I will have to buy Set One so I can do this mini. You can find these in her web store along with all of her books and other things.

Here is one section of my Sunset At Sea. I really, really want to work on it today......so I am going to hurry and get my stuff done so I can sew all day long if I want to.

If you ever get a chance to take a class from Carol Doak, do it. I'm so glad I did. Thanks Crystal for insisting I take the class. Thanks for going with me Harriet. It was a really fun day!


Nancy said...

Carol's patterns are beautiful but so intricate that they intimidate me.

Michelle said...

Oh, looks like you had a fun day. I love the look of pp, but I don't love the process. I want QUICK and simple! Sometimes my brain won't wrap around the process. Your block looks awesome!

Cathy said...

I LOVE your Storm at Sea. I can understand why you want to work on that one. The colours are gorgeous!!!

LuAnn said...

I took a day long workshop with Carol several years ago so I know you had a fun time because she is a nice lady. Your Storm at Sea is great. I loved seeing Carol's quilts that she brought - especially her miniatures.

Quilter Kathy said...

Lucky duck taking a class with Carol! I love storm at sea and it looks like you are making an interesting pattern with your colours!

scraphappy said...

That miniature is amazing. I can see why you want to make one. Love the storm at sea block too. Looks like a great workshop.