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Friday, September 30, 2011

Tomato Tamahtoe

Or whatever.........I say tomato goodness!

Crystal brought me 2 boxes of tomatoes. We think maybe 50 pounds.

Now most of them look like this. Or they will. I have 7 more in the canner with that many more to go in. What doesn't fit into the last 7 quarts will go into the freezer. As tired as I am right now, I will be very happy when I go into the cupboard and bring out a jar of red gold.

Dinner tonight? Leftovers.........thank goodness for leftovers. I don't really care if we have dinner. I just want to sit with my feet up but I have a feeling Ernie is bringing me home a couple more boxes of tomatoes. Guess what he's going to be doing if he does!!! He's been pretty good about helping. He's been doing an awesome job of picking and snapping green beans.

Edit: At the end of the day there were 28 quart jars canned, 6 quarts in the freezer, 2 empty boxes and 1 tired woman. I fixed grilled cheese twice for dinner and was sound asleep by 8:30. It was a good day!


Michelle said...

I love tomatoes. Rest my friend. You will so glad you have these when the winter winds are blowing!

Lady of the Cloth said...

Boy, your garden did better than mine. Do tell how you do sauce in the crock pot. Apple butter makes me think of my grandma. I tried it one time, but I was the only one in the house who ate it, so I don't do it anymore. It seems as our family has shrunk, we sure don't eat that much and I still cook like a small army was coming to dinner.Make it a good week and enjoy that new baby.